About Me

Let's make it a great day to learn at Dicken School!

- Principal Madison

My goal is to help kids find the tools and character they need in order to become lifelong learners.  I began teaching in 2010 at Dicken after receiving my MA in Elementary Education from the University of Michigan and a BA in Political Science from Bates College.  I have taught third grade for most of my teaching career but have loved the unique qualities of every age group I have worked with!   At home I have a husband, a young daughter and a baby son.  We like to travel, eat, and try new things together!


to Mrs. Rossi's Third Grade!






Favorite Animals:            Goats and Dicken Dolphins

Favorite Colors:               Green, Blue and Purple

Favorite Fruit:                  Raspberries

Favorite Drink:                 Tea

Favorite Sports:               Tennis and Soccer

Favorite Picture Book:     The Eleventh Hour by Graeme Base

I love to collect:                Maps


A few of my favorites

Dicken Elementary School                      AAPS Mail: rossik                                                                            Tel: (734) 994-1928


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